Best I’ve found so far…

April 19, 2009 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

After a month of sitting on my dead ass doing nothing but “exploring the possibilities”–which means surfing porn and pressing the Stumble button–three things have become…FRIGHTENINGLY clear:

1) 42 isn’t old enough to stay in the house (or in bed) all day. I need shit to do. Seriously, it is noon and I am in bed.

2) Online friendships feel like the real thing but they aren’t. Try talking to your real friends and family as much as you talk to the cute “girl” you met online. Just, you know, don’t say the same things.

3) There are some awesome resources on the internet, but those resources are usually submerged in a pool of oozing crap. The internet being fairly world wide and pretty democratic, any moron can have a page. Hell, I have one or two. Most of us have absolutely nothing to say, and couldn’t spell it if we did.


Now, armed with these awesome life lessons, I’m going to get up, put some pants on, face the day like a man. But before I go, here are the top 5 or so blogs and websites I’ve come across, in no particular order:

If you can’t find something worth reading, doing or, digging into on these sites…damn, you need to think more.

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